Kevin is a Registered Architect in Iowa and Nebraska. After obtaining an Architecture degree from Iowa State University in 1976, he received NCARB Certification and Architect Registration in 1983. Kevin is also certified by the American Institute of Architects for Disaster Assistance Assessment.

From 1991 to 2011 Kevin was Partner at Baldwin White Architects, a diverse medium-sized Des Moines firm, where he designed and managed a variety of successful commercial, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, mixed use and residential projects.

In 2004 he designed and developed a $15 million Adaptive Reuse housing project in downtown Des Moines. Kevin was integral in forming Verde Partners, a real estate investment group focused on the Des Moines urban housing market. With shared responsibilities as Design Architect and Managing Partner with Verde Partners, he renovated the former Herring Motor Co. Building - a 5 story, 155,000 SF turn of the century structure later known as the Look Magazine Building. The building's assets, volume, and natural light, were creatively reclaimed and converted into 65 sophisticated dwellings now known as 111 City Lofts.

In 2010 Kevin teamed up with Southwest Renewable Resources, a renewable energy company to design and brand a collection of prototypical facilities for the production and distribution of proprietary biomass fuel product as well as biomass fueled power generation. These facilities are poised to dramatically improve worldwide generation of cleaner and more efficient heat and energy through the use of natural biomass resources.

And then, in 2012, along came KEVIN WHITE DESIGN... for the love of architecture, the challenge of problem solving and creating space, and the unending supply of daylight yet to be contained.

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